If Not for You

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If Not for You


О чем написано в этой книге If Not for You. Everything is coming together, though her love life leaves something to be desired. She moves from Chicago to Portland to live near her favorite aunt, finding employment as a music teacher at a local high school and a fast friend in Nichole Nyquist (who readers will recognize from A Girls Guide to Moving On). Having lived under her parents thumb for 25 years, Beth Prudhomme is finally taking charge of her own life. Until Nichole introduces Beth to Sam, a tattooed mechanic whos the epitome of her conservative parents worst nightmare. Beth doesnt want to upset her parents more than she already has, and for himself, Sam has no interest in being set up with a prissy music teacher. In the end, hell have to decide if he can ever be worthy of Beths love and if he is, how far hes willing to go to fight for it. But both learn that appearances arent everything when Beth gets into a car accident and Sam visits her--at first out of obligation, and then because he cant stay away. Yet there are skeletons in Sams closet that prevent him from ever trusting a woman again, and he knows he doesnt fit into Beths life.

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